Social Media, Email and B2B Success

Over the past couple of days, we’ve posted information on where traffic and leads originate for B2B websites.  Today, we’ll look at two specific channels that are very effective in driving leads vs. the traffic they direct – email and social media.

shutterstock_113362825• Email is responsible for less than 1% of traffic that comes to B2B web sites – but delivers nearly 10% of leads that come into B2B web sites.

• Just 2% of traffic to B2B sites originates from social presences – but 5% of leads that come to B2B web sites start at social networks

• Twitter is the most effective social media for driving leads to B2B websites – 82% of web leads are directed from tweets

• Facebook is the best social media for driving traffic to B2B sites – 54% of traffic to B2B sites come from Facebook

What Does This Mean To You?

B2B customers can be a steady revenue stream for most any business.  From restaurants doing office catering to tech business offering software or hardware support, loyal B2B customers can mean the difference between operating in the red or in the black.  Social media and email index very high for leads vs. traffic.  Both of these efforts also give you the opportunity to create very targeted messaging.  The more targeted you can make your message, the more valuable it is seen in the eyes of customers.  Email can pose some problems from businesses. The last thing any business wants to be known for is spam. The laws governing email and spam can be tricky.  Not following the rules can be expensive – to the tune of an $18,000 fine per individual infraction.  For more information on the effective use of social media and email, please contact:
Al Fiala

Source: eMarketer; Optify


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