Email Adoption Still Growing

Email , possibly one of the oldest forms of digital marketing is still growing, albeit slightly.  The growth in adoption has nothing to do with email losing it’s luster, it has to do with the adoption rate being so high to begin with.  New research has come out that looks at how many people are using email now and it’s growth trend.

• There are over 216 million email users across the US.  From last year to this year, email adoption grew 2.6%

• Currently, over two0-thirds of the US population uses email, that includes nearly 90% of online consumers

• Next year, the numbers of US consumers who email is predicted to hit nearly 223 million people.  That a growth rate of almost 3%

• By 2017, over 236 million residents in the US are estimated to use email. That’s a growth of 6% over the next few years

• By 2017, over 90% of Internet users will still be emailing, as will nearly 73% of the total US population.

What Does This Mean To You?

Email is one of the best ways to target, engage and monetize you customer base.
The first step in developing a customer email base is to offer them something of value for their information.  Just asking for an email address or giving away something that is not very valuable pretty much ensures you will either get a spam address or one that is not the primary place they get email. Sending communication to a mailbox that is not checked does you no good.  In fact, costs you time and money.  If consumers find value in what you offer them for their address, they will provide it to you. We’ve talked about spam before, but it’s always with mentioning.  Spam laws can be tricky and violations can be expensive.  A good rule of thumb is to never send email to a consumer who doesn’t expect to receive it.  While some of the communication you send may not be spam in the legal sense – consumers may feel it’s spam and that could cost you customers.  For more information on targeting customers through email, please contact:
Al Fiala

Source: eMarketer


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