Youth And Email

Yesterday’s post dealt with how email is still growing and some of the things your business can to to improve your email campaigns.  Today, well look at information on the youth market and how many of them are emailing.  While adoption among adults is still slightly growing, growth among the youth population is much lower because such a large percentage are already using email.

shutterstock_23001760• Last year, roughly 27.9 people under 18 used email.  That equals about 10% of the total population and 13% of all email users

• Year over year, email adoption among youth grew
about 1.5%

• In 2014, nearly 30 million people under will be using email. From this year till next, email adoption rates among youths is expected to jump to 4%

• In 2017, there are expected to be roughly 33 million youth emailers.  From now till then, the number of of people under using 18 mail is expected to grow by almost 17%

What Does This Mean To You?

Kids today have grown up with free, easy to access email.  Because of this, they are more likely to have multiple addresses.  Marketing to youth consumers via email is not only tricky, it can be a little unseemly. What this information does is paint a picture of how tomorrow’s consumers are going to use email.  Your value proposition is going to be even more important.  One of the other big things to remember is how mobile these consumers will be.  Currently, a large percentage of consumers are already checking mail on a mobile device before they look at it on their desktop.  Future consumers will be more than just mobile first – there is a good chance they might be mobile only.  For more information on developing strategies todayto reach tomorrow’s consumers, please contact:
Al Fiala

Source: eMarketer


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