Marketing Adoption Of Mobile Email

Our last couple of posts have centered on email.  Today, we’ll look at the next step for email – moving from the desktop to a mobile platform. While consumers aare fully engaged in getting and sending email on their mobile devices, businesses are a little behind on designing email that is specifically designed to be viewed on mobile devices.

• Nearly 60% of companies worldwide said they are not designing their email communication to render differently on mobile devices

• Even though the majority of companies are not changing their design, nearly six in 10 think that mobile will change their email strategy

• 57% believe that social media will have the greatest impact on their email strategy

• Four in 10 think that engagement metrics will affect their email plans

• 30% think that location based marketing will be a factor and 20% modifications to privacy policies will change their email marketing strategy

What Does This Mean To You?

Email can be one of the best targeting tools available to companies.  The combination of mobile and email gives you can deliver a value-based message to a customer no matter where they are.  It also means that you will likely need to change how you communicate via email. Shorter messages, more impactful offers and cleaner designs are things you should be thinking about.   Smart phones have smaller screens and detailed messages can be frustrating to read on a mobile device.  You also need to think more visual than text. Consumers are multitasking with mobile email.  Your message needs to be conveyed quickly and easily or it will be skipped. For more information on making mobile messaging more impactful, please contact:
Al Fiala

Source: eMarketer; MarketingSherpa


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