College Students Are Mobile Deal Hunters

The research phase of the buying cycle is rapidly becoming a mobile dominant activity.  In fact, among younger consumers, it is nearly mobile first.  New research has come out that looks at how prevalent mobile deals and mobile purchasing is among college students.

• Nine out of 10 college students have used
a mobile device to find a deal, coupon or
sale offer

• One in five say they always use mobile devices to find them and over 30% say
they often do

• One in four say they sometimes use smart phones and tablets in their deal search

• Seven in 10 college students had made a mobile purchase

• 11% of make mobile purchases on a weekly basis and 3% purchase something on their device daily

• Nearly four in 10 say that they buy something on their tablet or smart phone at least once a month

What Does This Mean To You?

While having a mobile site is an imperative these days, it is becoming just as important to have a mcommerce functionality. Consumers want the ability to make purchases at their leisure.  They don’t want to necessarily visit your physical location or try and maneuver a desktop-type site to buy something.  The reason why most consumers have become so mobile-ly dependant is because of the convenience these devices offer.  The convenience of anywhere information and anywhere purchase power.   If you make it difficult to find and purchase your items through mobile devices, you will probably end up costing your business customers.  For more information on creating engaging mobile experiences, please contact:
Al Fiala

Source: eMarketer; Study Breaks; Campus2Careers

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