Frequent Mobile Activities Among College Students

In yesterday’s post, we showed information on how college students and their mobile consumer activities.  Today’s post we’ll look at what overall mobile actions college students participate in.  There was a time when being mobile enabled was good enough.  With so many consumers being mobile first and more and more are becoming mobile only, knowing what activities consumers are doing with mobile can help form the strategies your business will need to be successful.

shutterstock_62413021• The most popular mobile function among college students is Facebook and social networking.  One in four students are using their mobile devices for Facebook

• Just over one in five use mobile devices for email

• 14% are using mobile devices for Twitter

• 10% use their smart phones and tablets to listen to music

• 5% use mapping functions on their mobile device and another 5% perform mobile searches

• 4% play games on their mobile devices

What Does This Mean To You?

Social networking and email can be great ways to engage potential shoppers and develop loyal customers.  They are also perfect vehicles to deliver coupons, deals and offers.  Mobile are an efficient conduit to get the word out about everything you have to offer.  But you still need to create valuable messages. A bad mobile campaign will deliver the same results as any other kind of bad marketing campaign.  But a good campaign that leverages the convinences of mobile and powerful targeting abilities can generate incredible results.  For more information on helping your business create more effective mobile messaging, please contact:
Al Fiala

SourceStudy Breaks; Campus 2Career


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