How Consumers Show Loyalty

Creating loyal customer base is something that every business should be striving for.  Loyal customers tend to be more forgiving than those without affinity for your brand. When faced with budgetary issues, consumers are less likely to stop shopping store or buying brands they are loyal too.  On the businesses side, it’s always cheaper to keep an existing company than to recruit new ones.  There is new information available that looks into how consumers show their loyalty.  These tactics can be used to create more loyal customers and improve your bottom line.

• Over three quarters of internet users show loyalty to the brands they like by telling others and spreading positive information about the brand

• Nearly seven in 10 purchase more from the brand

• Over half never buy competing merchandise or shop competitive stores

• 15% become involved in the brands social media community

• 11% support the brand by wearing logoed apparel, displaying bumper stickers, using promotional merchandise or other visual means

What Does This Mean To You?

The fact that 75% of customers show loyalty by telling others about your business should be reason enough to do everything you can to cultivate loyally.  Whatever you can do to encourage this brand evangelism is important.  No matter how influential you may thing your marketing message may be – it pales in comparison to the cache the opinion of a friend may have.
This is why testimonials, good reviews and positive social media posts are so important.  If you have loyal customers, create a program that rewards them for spreading the good word about your business.  Then leverage it by repeating the message yourself through both in-store, traditional, digital and social campaigns.  For more information on creating and monetizing loyal customers, please contact
Al Fiala

Source: eMarketer; ClickFox


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