Leading Strategies To Improve Loyalty

In yesterday’s post, we chronicled research on how customers display loyalty towards brands.  Today, we’ll look at new research about what tactics many companies are using to encourage participation in loyalty programs.  Loyalty programs don’t just help you boost sales, they increase engagement.  By increasing engagement you become more than just a place someone shops or
a product someone buys. Increased engagement leads to customers taking ownership and feeling of being part of the brand.

• Nearly 70% of brands try to improve the effectiveness of their loyalty programs by creating more personalized offers

• Almost two-thirds are infusing social media elements

• Roughly four in 10 brands are using cross-channel integration or introducing more rewards

• 28% are increasing their budget to offer more rewards

• Close to one in four are providing special services for members

• One in five are creating tiered membership programs

• 14% are offering free shipping for joining a loyalty program

What Does This Mean To You?

Loyalty programs come in all shapes and sizes – from a simple email list to a fully integrated CRM system.  The more information you have on customers the easier it is to create valuable offers.
Information is the cornerstone to a powerful and effective loyalty campaign.  When you make an offer more relevant, the more apt a customer is act on it and it increases the chances the will continue to shop your business or brand.  This is where loyalty starts.  By using social media, you make it easier to create one to one communications and give shoppers the chance to share the offer and endorse your business.
Gamification and shopper hierarchies are things that also encourage extended shopping.  It all comes down to making the loyal customer feel as they are being rewarded for their continued patronage.  For more information on taking loyalty programs to the next level, please contact:
Al Fiala

Source: eMarketer; ClickFox


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