In Store Activities Of Mobile WiFi Shoppers

On Friday, we had a post detailing the growth of the mobile point of sale shopping.  There is mounting evidence that more and more consumers will start to use their mobile devices to make payments in the near future.  The first step to you being able to monetize mobile point of sale is in store wifi.  There has been a fairly large amount of talk about “Showrooming” and the potential harm that it is going to do to businesses.  One thing is true, you cannot stop consumers from using mobile devices in your stores.  The best you can do is try and direct them to information that will help you make the sale.

• Nearly two-thirds of women and 60% of men who use in-store wifi for a mobile device compare prices of items

• Over half of women and 40% of men are looking for coupons, deals and other offers to use in store

• Nearly 60% of men are looking for product reviews

• 35% of women and 38% of men are browsing the web site of the store they are visiting

• Almost one in four women are looking for color and style options

• More than one in five women and 15% of men are posting to social media

• Just 20% of women and 15% of men are looking to purchase their items elsewhere

What Does This Mean To You?

Many consumers are still in tough economic situations so you can’t blame them for making sure they are getting the best deal possible.  But for the most part, consumers are taking part in activities that can help you complete the sale.  They are looking for coupons and product reviews.  They are also looking at the different options that merchandise might come in.  By not providing wifi to consumers, there is a good chance you could be costing yourself business. 
To ensure that consumers don’t engage in “showrooming” there are a few things you can do.
•  Use QR codes to direct shoppers to the information you want them to see
•  Make sure you offer mobile coupons and deals – but hinge these  to get consumers to sign up to receive these offers.
• Offer to price match competitive prices consumers find online.
• Reward consumers who post positive things about you while in store or say great things about the instore shopping experience you offer.  Consumer’s use of mobile devices while shopping is only going to increase, the more you can do to integrate mobile into your business, the more competitive your business will be.  For more information on how to better integrate mobile into your business, please contact:
 Al Fiala

Source: eMarketer; JiWire


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