Twitter Users – Living In 140 Characters Or Less

Yesterday, we showed a brief summary on who uses the different major social networks. Today we’re going to concentrate on Twitter users. Currently, about 16% of the total population is on Twitter.

• 56% of Twitter users are female – roughly 15% of online women use Twitter. 17% of online men use the network

• More than one in four Twitter users are between 18-29 years old

• The majority of Twitter users are Caucasian, but the Twitter usage skews very high among online African Americans and Hispanics. 10% of Twitter users are African American, but 26% of online African Americans use the social nework. Online Hispanics are twice as likely as the toal Hispanic community to be
Twitter users.

• More than one in four Twitter users are between 18-29 years old

• One in six Twitter users have household incomes of $75,000+. Nearly a third have incomes of $50,000+

• Twitter users are 66% more likely to live in urban areas vs rural areas.
What Does This Mean To You?

Twitter is a great way to create one to one communication opportunities with your customers. The real benefit comes from the social sharing that goes on with Twitter. But you need to make you’re your communication is worth sharing. Your followers are not very likely to click on an offer that is not targeted towards them or offers little value – they are even less likely to retweet something that is not relevant. One thing you may want to do is have your sales associates or employees use twitter to generate traffic. This is especially effective for businesses like bars, restaurants, car dealerships and other operations where the sales person or employees are personally incentivized by sales. For more information on how t increase your level of engagement with Twitter, please
Al Fiala
Source: Pew Center for Research


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