Pinterest Users – More Than a Virtual Arts and Crafts Fair

When Pinterest first came on the scene nearly 2 years ago, it grew very quickly.  Designed as a virtual scrapbook, the site hit over 100 million unique visitors in record time. While it’s rapid growth rate has leveled out, the site has become a place where many companies are finding valuable social sharing opportunities.

• Nearly one in four female online users are on Pinterest – the female to male ratio is nearly 5 to 1

• Roughly eight in 10 users are Caucasian – that equals 18% of the online Caucasian population.  11% are African-American and just under 9% are Hispanic

•Nearly 20% of online adults in the 18-29 age group and 20% in the 30-49 segment are Pinterest  users.  Just 16% of online adults 50 and older use the site

• One in five college educated online adults are Pinterest users

•Over half of Pinterest users have household incomes of $50,000+ and one third are in the $75,000+ bracket

What Does This Mean To You?

If your business is targeting females, Pinterest is something that you should look into.  And because females are becoming one of the most influence groups when it comes to purchasing decisions – your strategy should have female targeting.  The social sharing aspect to Pinterest is also very attractive to the female consumer.  The ability to “pin” items gives them an easy, clear way to recommend items to friends and endorse products that interest them.  In turn, it makes it simple for you to create a loyal customer who is happy to tell their friends about products and services they like.  For more information about using Pinterest and other social media to create additional customer loyalty, please contact:
please contact:
Al Fiala

Source: Pew Center for Research


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