Jelly Beans and Chocolate Bunnies

For many people, Easter is a deeply religious celebration.  For others, it means jelly beans, chocolate bunnies and egg hunts ( I still don’t get the whole bunny/egg thing).  Whatever you personal views are on Easter might be, you should remember that it’s an event that consumers plan around and spend for.

• Just over 80% of US consumers say they celebrate Easter in some form or fashion

• It’s estimated that total spending on Easter will hit $17.2 billion.

• On average, those celebrating will spend $145 per household – which is flat to last year

• Over 90% of consumers will buy some kind of Easter candy

• 87% will buy food for a celebratory meal

• Just over 60% plan on buying Easter gifts

• Roughly half will be buying special clothing and greeting cards

What Does This Mean To You?

Consumer spending on Easter is estimated to be flat to last year, which means you’ll have to do everything you can to convince shoppers to do their Easter shopping with you and not your competitors. Easter shopping isn’t just candy and cards.  With people planning meals in the homes, things like furniture, and paint could also be on their list of things they need.  If you happen to be in a warmer climate plants and landscaping could also be things consumers need.  Restaurants have an opportunity to market their takeout and catering options.  If you have a buffet, it would a great time promote it as an option instead of cooking.  There are many things you can do to pull in customers that plan to spend on Easter.  It’s always a good idea to remind consumers of everything you have to offer and everything they may need.  For more information on how you can drive more traffic to your physical or virtual locations, please contact:
Al Fiala

Source: National Retail Federation; BigInsight


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