A Tisket A Tasket…

In yesterday’s post we looked at how much consumers were planning on spending for Easter and what they were going to buy.  Today, we’ll show
data on specific Easter spending information and what categories will see
the most revenue.

• When it comes to total spending, men will spend on average 9% more on Easter than women will

• The category that is set to see the most Easter spending is clothing – nearly one-third of all Easter spending, or $53.00 per household celebrating,  will go towards new clothes, food ranks just behind clothing  with $52.00 spent per household

• On average, nearly $23.00 per household will be spent on candy

• While the Mid-West has the highest percentage of people celebrating Easter, the highest amount of spending per household will take place in the North East

• Those celebrating Easter in the Mid-West and the west plan on spending less than those in the North East or South

• People in the South plan on spending the most on clothes, while those in North East will spend the most on candy

• Roughly 90% of those between the ages of 18-34 plan on celebrating Easter in some way, the amount they plan tp spend is far less than those in the 35-44 age bracket or the 45-54 segment

What Does This Mean To You?

Depending on where you live, Easter could either signify the beginning of Spring or the first thaw. This maybe why people in the South are planning to spend more on clothes than those in other regions. more clothes.  Easter could be a good reason to create a new spring wardrobe and not just buy a new bonnet.  Easter may also be the a great time for business to start messaging things that have to do with outdoor behavior. Whether it’s putting in new landscaping, sports equipment or maybe planting the seeds for summer vacation, taking the opportunity to promote could give you a competitive advantage later in the year. For more information on how to effectively and efficiently get your message in front of prospective customers, please call:
Al Fiala

Source: National Retail Federation; BigInsight


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