Why Are Consumers are Taking A Facebook Vacation?

Last week, we posted information on how more and more US Facebook users are taking a break from the socially networking site.  Today, we’ll look at the main reasons why these users have gone on a Facebook vacation.

fb1• Just over one in five said they had become too busy and didn’t have time they used to

•Roughly 10% said that they had lost interest in Facebook or just didn’t like it anymore

• Another 10% said they decided that Facebook had become a waste of time and the content was no longer relevant

• 9% said that there was too much drama, gossip negativity and conflict on Facebook

• 8% indicated they had been spending too much time with Facebook and needed to step back

• 8% also said they had either gone on vacation or had been deployed

•Another 8% said they had just gotten bored with it

• Other major reasons were – privacy concerns, health or age issues, religious issues, didn’t like posting all the time or didn’t want to share, loss of computer access or they just preferred to communicate in other ways

What Does This Mean To You?

Until Facebook has a real competitor, they will be the barometer for social networking.
As we said in the last post, this fatigue can affect your social strategy.
What are you doing to keep your content relevant?
Are you extending your relationship with your fans and followers beyond the Facebook platform?
How are you monetizing your social relationships?
As social networking transforms into a more mobile experience, you’ll need to make your message more succinct and more value to your communication.
Technology has not just sped up the innovation factor; it has also sped up the boredom factor.
Companies that effectively use social media to market themselves will be the ones that now when to shift and pivot to keep their fans and prospective customers engaged.  For more information on how to keep connected with your customers, please contact:
Al Fiala

Source: Pew Research Center


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