When Is the Best Time To Send

Embarking on an email questions can bring about a long line of questions.  One of the first is “what is the best time to hit send?”  An email that is ignored and not opened costs your money.  Knowing when the peak open times are can help ensure your message get to who should get it.

• Email’s sent between 8p & 12 midnight have the highest open rate – Over one in five commercial emails sent from 8p-12mid are opened.

• Emails sent during that time also have the highest click rate (4.2%) and the highest average order ($246)

•The timeframe with the second highest open rate is the late afternoon from 4pm-8pm. Just over 18% of those communications are opened average order is $182

•Mornings from 8a-12noon have the lowest open rate at 16.1%, but the lowest revenue generating time period is overnights. Emails sent between 12mid and 4a have an average order of $135

What Does This Mean To You?

Email can be complicated.  Laws regarding who you can email to can be tricky to those who do not often market with the platform.  Violating spam laws can be very costly – upwards of $18,000 per violation.  While it is unlikely you would be prosecuted for spam violations, your reputation with customers can become a casualty.  When you send email is just one of the things that can determine your campaigns success.  What your header is can either get people to open it or get it redirected to the spam folder.  There are many companies that specialize in email marketing.  It may be wise to consult with one perform starting a campaign.  These companies can help your email be something that customers don’t just open, but forward to their friends.  An email that isn’t opened costs you money.  An email that is shared expands your footprint without costing you anything more,  For more information on how to get success with email marketing, please contact:
Al Fiala

Source: eMarketer; CheetahMail


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