Does It Matter What Day You Send Email?

In yesterday’s post, we showed information on what time of day delivered the best success with email marketing.  Today, we’ll look at what is the best to deliver your message into customer’s inbox. Knowing the correlation between what day you send an email, email open rates and revenue per email set makes your campaigns more effective and you more efficient.

email• Weekends have the highest open and click rate for email.  Roughly, commercial emails sent on Saturday & Sunday were opened.

• Emails received on Saturdays had the highest transaction rate ,16%.  Saturday emails also have the highest ROI – $.20 per email sent

• The lowest open rates occurred on Friday – 16.4%Emails sent during that time also have the highest click rate (4.2%) and the highest average order ($246)

•Emails received on Monday had the lowest average order – $173

•The highest average orders came from emails received on Thursdays – $195.  There is a 13% revenue  difference between orders originating from emails on Monday and emails on Thursday

What Does This Mean To You?

It’s not just the time of day that can impact the success of your email; it is also the time of week.  Weekend emails may have the highest open rate because consumers have time to check personal email and aren’t inundated with work emails.  Thursday email might create the best revenue opportunity because it’s close to payday and the weekend.  Look for unique opportunities to set your email apart from the rest of the inbox.  Utilizing a day of week as a call to action should improve the transaction rate from email.  For more information on how to increase performance of your email campaigns, please contact:
Al Fiala

Source: eMarketer; CheetahMail


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