YouTube Dominance

In yesterday’s post, we examined how much money is being spent on digital video advertising. Today, we’ll look at the king of all video content providers – YouTube.

Icon-300x300• Nearly 6 in 10 Internet users responded that they have a YouTube account

• Over 20% of those with a YouTube account visit every day, nearly 40% visit on a weekly basis

• Nearly 30% of those who visit YouTube say they are more active on the site now than in the past

• Just over half of users say their level is activity is the same as last year and 16% say they are less active now than previously

• Nearly 40% of internet users are nearly exclusive to YouTube – saying they rarely watch video content elsewhere

What Does This Mean To You?

In past posts we’ve sited information on how effective online video can be and the importance it holds with consumers.  Being the biggest site video content provider, YouTube can give your organization exposure through video content.  Everyone wants to be a part of the next “viral hit”, but depending on the type of content you are providing – it might not be in the cards.  Just because your video isn’t probably going to get shared like “cat giving High 5” or “kid burping the alphabet” doesn’t mean you can’t put things in place to help your video get shared.  Including special offer codes, or active links in the player can increase the engagement level and value to the consumer.  You should also know who your customer is and you it relates to the platforms you are placing your content on. In tomorrow’s post, we’ll look at who YouTube users are and some interesting facts about who their frequent users are.  For more information on creating engagement with video, please contact:
Al Fiala

Source: eMarketer; AYTM Research

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