Who are YouTube Users?

Yesterday, we posted information on YouTube and just how frequently people use the site. Considering that over 70% of account holders say they visit the site at least monthly, YouTube can be a great awareness tool.  It’s important that you know who those users are.  The more relevant you can make your video to users, the more likely they will find it valuable.

• Over 60% of account holders are female and over three quarters of users don’t have children in their household

• One in four are between 18-24 and 27% are  age 25-34,  one in six are age 55+

• More than 70% are Caucasian and over 40% are single

• Not surprising because of the younger age skew among users, but under one-third have household incomes of $50,000+

• Those you use the site daily are nearly evenly split among men and women, those who visit on a weekly basis are more likely to be female

• Those that visit daily are more likely to be younger, but roughly half of those who visit at least once a week are age 45+

• 41% of users have attended college and roughly 20% are graduates

• Nearly 40% of the users who visit YouTube on a monthly basis have at least one child

What Does This Mean To You?

One of the keys to successfully marketing any product or business is effectively reaching your target audience.  If the platform you are using is not one that your most likely consumer or the type of consumer you want to attract would use, it’s probably not a place to market your products.
It’s important that you get audience information from whatever media outlet you are thinking of doing business with.  Advertising on a certain radio station because you like it or your kids tell you to buy it is a recipe for disaster.  If you are trying to engage women, would investing all of your advertising dollars into a sports program be a good idea?  It also needs to go beyond the pure demographics.  Ask the outlet to provide you with research on lifestyle and purchase intent as well.
Make sure that the research is from a reliable provider,  Most media and advertising agencies have licenses with companies such as Scarborough Research, Media Audit, MRI, or others that are recognized and accredited.  Do your due diligence on who and what you are buying, this will help ensure your message reaches the audience you need it to.  For more information on creating effective targets and the research that will help you reach them.
Al Fiala

Source: eMarketer; AYTM Research


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