Social MultiTasking

While it may be hard to imagine that people can’t get any more socially connected than they already are, new research has come out that shows people are engaging in social media even while doing the most mundane tasks.  As social media rapidly evolves into a mobile-first activity, consumer’s ability to socially multitask increases.  Many of these activities can have a beneficial effect on your organization.

Social-Media-Tree• Mobile devices have allowed social networkers to fully multitask between TV viewing and their social presences.  Over 8 in 10 social networkers have used Facebook while watching TV and over two thirds have used twitter

• Seven in 10 have gone on Facebook while traveling.  Just over half of social   travelers have used twitter while on the road

• Two-thirds of social networks say they’ve used Facebook at work and 36% admit going on twitter

• Roughly half of those who use social networks say they have used Facebook and a third have used twitter while in the bathroom

• Nearly the same percentages – 50% of have used face book and 33% have used twiiter, while drunk

• 40% have gone on Facebook and 31% on twitter while shopping

• 20% of social networkers say they have used Face and 15% have used twitter while driving

What Does This Mean To You?

While using Facebook and twitter while driving is anything but safe and socially networking while using the facilities is well…..icky, many of the other multitasking opportunities can be help your business.
Recent studies have found that that those socially multitasking while watching TV are actually doing things related to the TV shows they are watching or the commercials being shown.  If you are currently advertising on TV, integrating QR codes can be a en easy way to get mobile social networkers to your presences quickly and easily.  At the very least, you should remind consumers that you are on these networks.
If you are in the hospitality business, in a tourist area or utilize outdoor advertising, social media can be extremely important.  Travelers are looking for recommendations and reviews and if they are already on social networks, they are likely to look there.  Social media is becoming more and more a part of the shopping experience and that can either help or hurt your business.  Positive comments and glowing reviews can be a magnet for customers.  On the other hand negative responses can push shoppers to your competition. Social shopping alone should be a reason for you to invest in reputation management.  No matter how great you say you are, it doesn’t hold a candle to the power of a positive or negative comment from a friend.  In tomorrow’s post,  we’ll look into the difference in multitasking activities between men and women.  For more information on how to turn engagement in to loyalty, please contact:
Al Fiala

Source: eMarketer; Creditdonkey


One response to “Social MultiTasking

  1. But does multitasking really mean 100% being in tune or doing something accurate or is it just responding. In the bathroom? Wow! I find nothing that important in life to be so connected that my life is ruled by it besides religion. Thank you cards are antique as is gramaratics i.e. lol! i think there is a new disconnect generation evolving where true interpersonal connections are lacking. Text me your proposal, your opinions, your feelings? Where are we going. PS, pass me some toilet paper I’m out. WOW!

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