Local Search Going Mobile

There are many platforms your business can use to create awareness among prospective customers.  From traditional media to digital tools, from budget busting campaigns to blanketing a parking lots with flyers, companies need to determine which are the most effective and efficient ways to get the word out. But what happens after you’ve created awareness? You need to tell them how to get to your physical location.  As busy as consumers are today, you can’t rely on them to keep a flyer, remember an address or jot down a phone number.  New research is out that shows mobile devices are rapidly becoming the way most consumers are physically finding business.

• From Q2 to Q4 2012, the number of consumers use consumers conducting searches on smart phones grew 26% – from just 0ver 90 million to over 113 million

• Tablet searches grew by over 20% during the same time

• Nearly 3 times as many consumers used a smart phone to conduct a local search as a tablet device

• While searches on mobile devices have skyrocketed – local searches on PCs and laptops dropped 17%

• 56% of those conducting mobile searches did so because they were on the go, nearly 30% said they used their mobile device because they were in need of quick information

What Does This Mean To You?

A mobile presence is something every business needs to have. By not having one, you are virtually handing customers to your competition.  One of the greatest attributes of mobile search is how well it works with other types of media.  With over half of mobile searchers performing the activity because they are on the go, your radio campaigns become much more impactful.  With so many consumers second screening mobile devices while watching TV, mobile devices can create a direct link from consumers to your marketing message.
The same can be said for any outdoor campaigns you are taking part in.  Next week, we’ll look at the types of information mobile searchers find helpful and mobile sites consumers use most.  For more information on how to generate more traffic to your business through mobile, please contact:
Al Fiala

Source: eMarketer; comScore;15miles


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