Where Mobile Searchers Turn For Information

Last week, we posted information on how mobile is becoming the dominant platform for local search.  Today, we’ll look at what digital solutions searchers rely on most.

shutterstock_62413021• The top source of information for mobile searchers is Google Maps – 35% of smart phone searchers go there as well as one in four tablet searchers

• Social media is also a popular information source. One in four smart phone searchers have conducted a business search through Facebook, 23% of tablet searchers have as well

• MapQuest was one of the first directional information site sites, 17% of both smart phone and tablet searchers use it

• Bing has invested a large amount of resources to build awareness.  16% of those who conduct business searches on smart phones and 10% who use tablets have gone through Bing

• 10% of tablet users have searched through Apple Maps, as have 16% of smart phone users

• Yahoo is relied on by 16% of tablet searchers and 14% smart phone searchers

• Less than 10% of smart phone and tablet searchers have used Yellowbook, Citysearch, yelp or online white pages

What Does This Mean To You?

These sites vary in many ways, from ones specializing in giving directions to platforms that are used for reviews and sites that are pure search.  They each also have functions that can help you monetize on mobile search.  It is important that you investigate these sites and see if there are capabilities they offer that can help you draw customers in. Also, check to see how you are presented on the sites.  If there are reviews, are they positive or negative?
Are there any errors in the listing?
Check the phone number, the address and your business hours.
Since so many mobile searchers are on the go, look to see if they offer navigation or click to call functionality.  Remember, convenience is what drives mobile.  The more convenient you can make it for mobile users to contact or get to your location, the more likely they are to do it. For more information on making your business more mobile, please contact:
Al Fiala

Source: eMarketer; comScore;15miles


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