Devices Used During A Local Search

Earlier this week, we examined research on websites local searchers used  when conducting a local search.  Today, we’ll turn our attention to what devices they are using and the stages of search they are most used. The device consumers use can help you gauge the content you may deliver to make sure you are their business of choice. 

• Roughly one third of consumers will use a tablet or smart phone respectively throughout the their search

• Over half of consumers will use a laptop or PC at the beginning of their local search process, one third will start one a tablet and just over 30% will use a smart phone

• The middle of the search process is strongest for smartphones.  One in five consumers use their smartphones in the middle of their search. One in six use a tablet

• Smart phone use remains very strong at the end of the search process, 18% of consumers use their smart phones at the end of the search.  The same number, 18% use a tablet

• The conclusion is the weakest point for PCs and laptops – less than 4% used a PC during their final stages of search

What Does This Mean To You?

As we’ve talked about in earlier posts – providing the right information at the right time is important to keeping consumers engaged. This is especially important as the price of items escalates.  The more you can establish the value you provide or how your products can make lives easier for consumers, the easier it is to close the sale.
Since most consumers start their searches on laptops & PCs, things like testimonials, reviews, larger pictures are important. These are components that can help you establish value.  We’re not saying to not include this information on your mobile site – just that it should be something readily seen on the desktop version of your site.
During the middle and end of the search is when it moves from informational to transactional,
and it’s when mobile devices become more used.  This is one of the reasons you want to consider adding click to call & mapping functionality to you mobile entities.  Consumers may already be sold on buying from you, now you need to get them to you.
It’s another reason to make sure any coupon codes or discounts are highlighted on mobile versions of your site.  It could mean the difference between someone doing business with you and a shopping a competitor.  For more information on how to utilize search to get increase traffic, please contact:
Al Fiala

Source: eMarketer; comScore;15miles

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