Businesses Where Reviews are More Important

In yesterday’s post, we learned that consumers expect to see reviews but don’t always use them.  For some businesses, reviews are more important.  Today, we’ll look at research that shows the categories of businesses that were searched where reviews are more important.

patient-review-medical• Far and away, the category of business where searchers relied on reviews were jewelry stores – Over two-thirds of consumers who searched for a jewelry store specifically look for reviews or ratings

• Nearly half of consumers looking at entertainment businesses looked for reviews – this behavior was probably driven by movies

• Nearly 40% of searchers looking in the beauty category check out reviews and ratings.  This makes sense considering beauty shops & salons fall into this category

• Roughly 35% of consumers searching for clothing and department stores looked at reviews

• Approximately one in three searchers looking for auto service & dealerships and travel & hotel information checked out reviews – these are categories where you would think reviews would be more important because more research is put into the purchase

What Does This Mean To You?

One of the most beneficial things about reviews is that your story has a chance to be told – and it has more value because you are not the one telling it.  Yesterday, we talked about contacting reviewers and mitigating any potential harm that negative information might have.  But I would suggest that you do the same with a positive review.  Take the opportunity to thank the consumer for their patronage.  If you get the chance, ask them for specifics on what made the experience so positive.  This gives you a training opportunity with your staff and may help the way you promote your business.  If you start to hear the positive things again and again, you’ll realize that specific behavior or trait might be important to the masses and could bring you in new customers.  Finding out why people enjoyed doing business with you can also give you the opportunity to recognize an employee who is doing a great job and encourage others to do the same.  So often, consumers only contact businesses if there is a problem – and many times, companies only reply to try and fix a situation.  By contacting customers and thanking them you are showing them that you care.  For more information on how reviews and consumer ratings can help you improve your bottom line, please contact:
Al Fiala

Source: eMarketer; comScore;15miles



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