Mobile Searches Lead To Purchases

As a business, you always hope that consumers who are searching for information, find out about you and eventually make a purchase from you.  There’s a good deal of things that go into the process of converting a consumer into a customer.  Making sure you have a search strategy is important. Making sure that your search strategy has a mobile component it very important.  There is new information available that shows that consumers who conduct mobile searches are more likely to make purchases.

12376551-ausili-per-la-mobilita-smartphone-tablet-pc-e-un-portatile-cloud-computing• Nearly six in 10 consumers who made a search on a laptop or PC eventually made a purchase because of the search

• 78% of mobile searchers who used a smart phone to search tablet made a purchase, as did  77% of tablet searchers

• In total, consumers who conducted the search on a mobile device were approximately 30% more likely to make a purchase  

• Consumers who searched via tablet were more likely to spend $100 or more as a result of that search

• Roughly 30% of PC & smart phone searchers spent $100 or more because of the search

What Does This Mean To You?

Mobile devices may have changed the way companies do business but it has revolutionized the way consumers research, find and decide what business they patronize. More and more consumers are using mobile devices to perform functions they used to boot up a PC for.  The un-tethering of consumers means your business will need to be more nimble in its approach to technology.
Companies like Best Buy that are slow to react to the new mobile reality can find themselves in real trouble. It’s in your best interest to stay on top of consumer trends in mobile.
There are many sources of information from blogs like this, large research firms to industry publications that can help you stay ahead of the curve.  A few things to remember.
Have a scalable strategy – it’s important to have a strategy, but be flexible and know that tactics in your strategy will likely change
Do your research – There are lots of solutions out there, many of them bright and shiny.
Don’t take them at first blush, look to see what the deliverables are and see what others have said about them
Look for value  – Not necessarily cheap, but it is good to look for the best possible price.   Mean value as in what’s it going to do for you.  The moss covered three handled family credenza might sound really cool – but it was just a cabinet.  Make sure you any solution you invest in is effective and efficient.  For more information on monetizing the new mobile consumerism, please contact:

Al Fiala

Source: eMarketer; comScore;15miles


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