Top Smart Phone Activity

Mobile devices continue to give savvy businesses additional ways of reaching new customers and creating loyalty with existing ones.  A recent report chronicles the top non-voice call activities of smart phone users.  Knowing the activities that smart phone users engage in can help you create tactics that work best for your type of business.

120404144321• The top smart phone function used was sending a text message – over 90% of smart phone owners have sent a text message

•Over 80% of smart phone owners took a picture with their device and over three-quarters used their smart phone to get email

• Roughly two-thirds accessed weather information or a social network

• Nearly 60% performed a search

• Over half played games or accessed maps on their smart phone

• Just under half received news or listen to music

What Does This Mean To You?

Just over half of consumers have a smart phone – that’s nearly 140 million people.  It may seem like everyone has a smart phone, but the number of smart phone owners actually increased last year by nearly 45%.  So if you thought smart phones were just a fad or including mobile in your marketing strategy was something you didn’t need to worry about – you’re wrong.
Mobile isn’t going anywhere.  In fact, it’s a safe bet to plan on mobile becoming an even more engrained into consumer’s lives.
Look at these top activities – texting, emailing, social networking and search.
These are all things you can incorporate into your marketing plan.  Whether it’s extending any current loyalty programs through text messaging and email, engaging potential customers through social networks or creating engagement through search – they all come together through mobile.  There is evidence that mobile devices are going to be the alpha point for consumer’s media behavior in the future.  So it’s time to make mobile a bigger part of your strategy before it’s to late.  For more information on leveraging smart phones to increase results, please contact
Al Fiala

Source: eMarketer; comScore; Arbitron


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