Time Shifted TV Activities

There was a time when certain shows were considered appointment TV.  For certain age groups, it might have been your weekly peek at the Cunningham family and the Fonz, then a couple of career girls who worked a brewery.  For other age groups it was the Huxtables and what kind of crazy trouble Rudy got into.  For others it might have been a group of friends who had jobs but always seemed to spend more time at a coffee shop.  But today’s technology has  changed the meaning of appointment TV. Now instead of you setting your schedule to watch a certain TV show – TV shows are available at your beck and call through on-demand and streaming services.  New research is available that shows how many people are time shifting their TV viewing.

retro-tv-isolated-with-clipping-paths-on-flickr-photo-sharing2• Just over six in 10 TV viewers have watched a show on demand

•Just over 20% watch older TV shows or past seasons of current shows

• 12% watch shows from a current season

• Women are slightly more likely than men to time-shift view

• The highest percent of time shifted viewing takes place with adults age 30-39

What Does This Mean To You?

Time shifted viewing doesn’t always equate to lost commercial interaction.  In fact, because so much of time shifting takes place in binge viewing (watching several episodes at one time) – you have the opportunity to create awareness when viewers are giving this content their full attention.  For more information on using time-shifted viewing to your advantage, please contact:
Al Fiala

Source: eMarketer; Harris Interactive

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