Time Shifting Bingers

Yesterday, we posted information on how on many people have watched TV programming on demand.   One of the things that on demand TV activity has done is create TV binging. TV binging is described as watching several episodes of a TV series at once.  Whether TV bingers are catching up on missed episodes or discovering a new favorite TV show, bingers account for a large percentage of TV viewers. 

overview_img_uv-OnDemand_AA0024XU• Over 80% of adults say they have binged TV programming

• 34% of bingers use on-demand services through a cable provider to view multiple episodes, 9% go through a satellite provider

• Nearly 30% have used Netflix as a binging tool and 22%

• Almost 40% use a Tivo or DVR to binge

• One-third are old school and binge by purchasing, renting or borrowing season’s worth of episodes on DVD

• One download for free

• Amazon (11%) and iTunes (5%) are the other major binging platforms

What Does This Mean To You?

This information just underscores the fact that consumers have power over content and wield it often.  To be successful, you need to be available for consumers whenever possible.  It means more than just having a website and an ecommerce solution.  It means 24-7 support, the ability to see if inventory is available at a physical store, product reviews and pay online and pickup in-store functionality.  This may not work for every segment of business or type of company, but remember that customers don’t want to wait.  Over 60% of customers want a response from an email within a day, one in six want it within 4 hours. For more information on customer satisfaction,
please contact
Al Fiala

Source: eMarketer; Harris Interactive


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