Who Are Time Shifters

In yesterday’s post, we chronicled information on TV binging. Today, we’ll look at the audience that time shifts and the devices they use..   

 • In total, over three quarters of online adults said they have time-shifted

• Roughly 90% of adults between 18-29 and 30-30 viewed time shifted TV programs

•  Over three-quarters of adults age 40-54 watched TV programs that have been time-shifted.  Time Shifted viewing is even prevalent with an age group who is typically slow to adopt new technology – more than two-thirds of adults 55+ are time shifters

•  People in the 18-29 group are heavy HULU viewers. 71% said they have time-shifted with HULU
over 60% of adults age 30-39 also say they have used HULU

•  For adults age 40-54, on Demand functions, primarily through cable, TIVO  were their primary time shifting tool s

What Does This Mean To You?

It’s not surprising that younger adults were engaging in time shifting.  What was surprising was the popularity among upper age groups.  This could be a signifier that gadget fear may be subsiding with these groups.  Many businesses who cater to adults 40 and up were late to use digital as a marketing tool.  Some of these businesses are still resistant to mobile.  The more convenient technology gets and the more intuitive devices become, the more likely older consumers will be to utilize them.
If your business targets the adults in upper age groups, ignoring digital and mobile strategies could be very harmful.  Remember that the fastest growing segments of social networkers are Seniors.  And because they are new to online & social campaigns – they are more apt to engage in them.  When marketing to these new technology adopters, remember that easy navigation and clean design is important. Make things easy to read and easy to find!  For more information on monetizing online seniors, please contact:
Al Fiala

Source: eMarketer; Harris Interactive


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