How Mobile Users Spend Their Time

There is no doubt that we are moving into a mobile first world. Smart phones and tablets have changed the ways consumers research, find and buy products.  The businesses that had the forethought to get in front of mobile certainly reaped the rewards of mobile consumers. Companies that were slow to adopt mobile strategies had to fight hard to establish themselves in that space and
organizations that have still not taken their first mobile steps are at a competitive disadvantage.
Knowing how mobile consumers spend their time gives you the opportunity to fine tune your mobile strategy.

shutterstock_111684566• Email is the top mobile web function.  Mobile users spend 14 minutes per hour or nearly 1/4 of their non-voice time using email. 

• 15% of their time or 9 minutes per hour accessing social networks and 13% of their time is spend with entertainment functions

• Shopping takes up 6 minutes of their mobile time per hour as does looking at travel information – roughly 10% respectively

• 8% of their time is spent doing business and finance

• Lifestyle information and news are other two major functions that mobile users spend their time with.

What Does This Mean To You?

Mobile devices give you the opportunity to create engagement and develop loyalty with consumers 24/7 no matter where they are. Consumers have become so reliant on their mobile devices that one is never far from their reach – even when they are sleeping.
With so many consumers accessing email on their phone – it should cause you to either look at email marketing or rethink the way you are deploying your email campaigns.
Mobile coupons are a great way to leverage mobile email.  Be sure not to rely on consumers having to print out the coupon.  Put a scan-able bar code on the email.  The more you can do to make your offers convenient for consumer, the more likely they will be to use them.  Mobile is also a great sharing tool – especially mobile email.  For more information on how you can better optimize and monetize mobile marketing, please contact:
Al Fiala

Source: eMarketer; Experian

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