The Most Annoying Types Of Online Ads

Effectively and efficiently delivering your message to consumers is one of the most essential things for your business.  Your business could create the very best product in your field, have the most incredible customer service and be the most cost efficient option to consumers – but if they never hear about it, how are they going to find out about your organization.  Consumers won’t just have an epiphany and decide to give your business a try.  Word of mouth can be powerful but will it keep your pipeline full? And I doubt your competitors will sing your praises. In getting your message out, you want to try not to irk any potentially customers.  New research is out that looks into what kind of online ads annoy customers the most – this can help you create a strategy that will help you draw customers in instead of push them away.

images• The type of online ad that annoyed the consumers the most were irrelevant pop-up ads.  Seven 10 internet users said they were the most annoying

• 70% of online consumers also said that lottery scams were annoying

• Two-thirds said that male enhancement ads were annoying

• 64% indicated that the emails from deceased African leaders who left them money were annoying

• Nearly six in 10 answered that ads for products they do not need annoyed them

• Almost 55% indicated that female enhancement product ads annoyed them

What Does This Mean To You?

If there is one thing the internet has taught me is just how many dead rich people want to give me money.  Fraudulent products and scams are always going to upset people – but what seems to annoy consumers the most it’s irrelevant ads.  The best way to make sure your marketing campaign delivers the results you want is to make sure it is targeted towards the consumers you want to reach.  Before you start any marketing efforts ask yourself two questions.
Who is my target audience?
What are the short term goals from this campaign?
Someone once said there are no wrong answers, in this case there are –
Everyone is not a target market and make more money is not a goal.
There are very few businesses where everyone is a target market – and if everyone truly is your target market you would have to have an astronomical budget to reach everyone.
Making more money is a great goal to have, but it’s more of a measurement device than a goal.
Your goals need to be actionable and measurable.
Target audience can be demographic based, lifestyle based, competitive based or geographically based.  This will help you determine the types of marketing tools to get out your message.  Media properties should be able to tell you how they reach specific groups of people or percent of consumers in a geographic area.  The best method of comparison is cost per thousand.  The CPM will help you make the most efficient choice in reaching your desired customer base.  The cheapest price does not always determine the most effective. 

Your goals will help you determine if your campaigns have been effective.  If your campaigns are not reaching the desired goal, change the campaign or the delivery methods.  Just be sure that you give the campaign time to take hold.  Very few times will you see overnight results.  Make sure your media partners know what your goals and target markets are and that they will be judged on the effectiveness against those indicators.  For more information on creating campaigns that deliver success, please contact:
Al Fiala

Source: eMarketer; InsightsOne


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