What Happens When Consumers Get SPAM

SPAM is one of the things that consumers and IT managers hate most.  It clogs up inboxes, slows down systems and makes it harder for good meail marketing campaigns to be effective.  A new report has been released that shows what happens when consumers get what they consider to be SPAM.

report-spam• Six in 10 unsubscribe from future emails

• 45% ignore future emails

• Over one-third will leave a web site

• 14% stop using the advertised product

• 13% boycott the company doing the advertising

• 9% tell their friends

• 5% respond angrily and 4% hit their computer or mobile device in frustration


What Does This Mean To You?

Believe it or not, the last bullet was not a lame chance at humor on my part. 4% of respondents actually hit their device.  The legal definition of SPAM is amorphous and the laws concerning SPAM are not entirely clear.  The best rule of thumb is to never send an email to anyone who would not expect to receive a message from you.  Why? Because many times what consumers feel is a SPAM message may not legally be SPAM. While you may feel better that your message is not technically SPAM, you’ve managed to annoy a potential customer.  You may not risk being fined for SPAM (up to $18,000 per violation – not campaign, but individual incident), the receiver is likely to basically ignore all future communication from you. And for 4% may try get you on a court show because they broke their hand after your SPAM message caused them to hit their device (there’s the chance a lame humor).  So the best way to avoid being tagged as a consumer is to:
A: not violate SPAM laws
B: make sure that consumers on your email list know that they will be getting offers  from you
C: make sure the lists you purchase/rent all come from good sources and are legitimately created
Email can be a powerful tool in expanding loyalty with your business but it can also hurt you if used incorrectly.  The other thing to do is make sure your message has value to the consumer.  This goes back to targeting – making sure your message resonates with the receiver elevates the importance of what you are trying market.  For more information on how to get great results through email campaigns, please contact:
Al Fiala

Source: eMarketer; InsightsOne


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