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Content Fragmentation Means More Cable Cutting

Forget about moving TV’s from room to room, – when I was a kid there were only 3 networks and a couple of independents.  As a result, I am now compelled to have as many possible channel choices and I can the theme to Gilligan’s Island is forever stamped in my brain because it was on almost as many stations as It’s a Wonderful Life. But all the content that is available today is starting to dig into cable’s customer base. New research is out that shows consumers are leaving cable and watching OTT (over the Top) content (such as Netflix, Hulu, YouTube  and Apple TV.).

cutting-cable-tv• 60% of consumers are cable subscribers, 18% identified themselves as never subscribing to cable

• 22% of consumers do not currently subscribe, but used to

• 44% of consumers have at least one TV connected to the internet, that’s up 16% from last year

• Currently, one-third of consumers are watching OTT content daily – nearly double last year’s total

• Nearly 60% watch OTT content weekly – that’s up over 40% from last year

• Over one in five consumers stream Netflix content on a weekly basis

What Does This Mean To You?

Advertising on cable may seem like a bargain – spots are not that expensive and content on some cable outlets is getting better.   But remember, you get what you pay for.  The cable universe is vast and because there are so many channels – many deliver little, if any, audience return.
Add to that the number of consumers leaving cable because the content they want – movies and unique programming is rapidly becoming available through other platforms such as Netflix and Apple TV.  If you are going to advertise on cable, do your homework.  Negotiate your rates on a cpm basis for the channels your spots will be appearing on. Make sure those channels meet your targeting requirements.  Many times you may get a few spots in popular shows only to have the bulk be plopped onto channels with very little viewership.  To get the ROI your business deserves – require the cable buy to post (you require them to give you an estimated ratings performance and if the campaign doesn’t not meet their estimate, you get spots to make good the lost ratings points).  Also make them post on the performance of their cable system – not overall cable.  For more information on effectively and efficiently reaching your target markets, please call:
Al Fiala

Source: eMarketer; AYTM; Liechtman Research Group


Not Mobile – Don’t Count On Return Traffic

While mobile might not be as universal as death and taxes, it’s certainly moving that way.
Consumers are definitely becoming mobile first. New research is showing that if your business is not mobile friendly, don’t count on return visits from mobile consumers.

shutterstock_62413021●85% of consumers are using mobile devices to compare products, prices and products before  making a purchase

● 44% of consumers will never return to a mobile site that does not have a good look or feel

●Over 50% will not return often

● Over three-quarters of smart phone owners say the say the decision to make a purchase is dependent on the look and feel of a site on their mobile device

●75% of tablet 4owners answered the same way

●69% of laptop owners said the look and feel of a web site is a determining factor in buying a product

●76% of smart phone owners and 78% of tablet owners will return to sites that have a good look and feel 

What Does This Mean To You?

How valuable is your mobile presence?
The real question may be how much business will a bad mobile experience
cost you?
If the majority of consumers are using mobile devices to compare products and over 40% will never return to a site that is not easy to use… a bad mobile site can put a dent in your company’s performance.
Mobile technology is no longer a gadget for kids or cost prohibitive for the masses.  All indications are that many consumers are not buying new desktops and laptops, but are moving to mobile computing solutions.  In fact, a new report has smart phone penetration over 50%.  The days of your mobile site being an afterthought are long gone.  For more information on optimizing your businesses mobile opportunities, please contact:
Al Fiala

Source: Mobile Commerce Daily; Kentico Software

Happy Memorial Day

US Memorial DayThank You to Those who Served and Your Families

What Mobile Moms Are Shopping For

Last week, we posted research on how often and how much moms rely on mobile devices to get through their busy day. If Mick & Keith would have written “Mother’s Little Helper in 2013, it would most certainly been focused on smart phones vs. amphetamines.  Although, it’s becoming apparent that while mobile devices are narcotic in nature, they are extremely addicting. Today, we’ll explore the types of things moms are shopping for and researching with mobile devices.

mom-holding-smartphone-280x2801●The top item researched or purchased via mobile device among moms was clothing – either for them , the kids or other family members. 56% of moms responded that way  

● At nearly 50%, beauty products came in
at #2

 ● Just over 40% of moms shopped for household products via mobile device

●Nearly 4 in 10 shopped for does on their tablet or smartphone

●Over 30% looked for children’s items from diapers to formula to school supplies

●over 20% looked for jewelry 

What Does This Mean To You?

Moms are shopping for a variety of goods on their mobile devices. Considering that these shopping habits are item based vs. store based, your business has a chance to compete with larger companies and regional powerhouses.  The first step in making sure you are competitive is your search strategy.  The vast majority of shoppers don’t search beyond the first page of search listings – in fact most don’t go beyond the first result.  So just sitting back and hoping you come up at the top is not a wise practice.  Investing in a robust search strategy can keep your name on with bigger competition.
You may also want to investigate reduced or free shipping once a customer reaches a certain spend amount.  Also look into discounts for signing up for a loyalty program.  The key is to make it fast and convenient for the shopper.  For more information on developing a bigger mobile revenue stream, please contact:
Al Fiala

Source: eMarketer; Alliance Data

Mobile Moms Value Convenience

In yesterday’s post, we chronicled information on how often mom’s use their mobile devices.  Today we’ll look at some of the things mobile moms do with their phones and just how important these devices are to them.

shutterstock_108100733● The number one reason why moms shop via mobile device is speed and convenience, 29% of moms answered that way

● Over half of moms like to receive text messages and offers from companies they are loyal to

 ●More than 40% like to receive emails from them

●44% use their browser to view products

●Nearly 60% of moms take pictures of products in store to remember them

●35% scan barcodes to compare prices

●12% of moms said they would give up running water for a month instead of losing their mobile device

● 25% said they would forgo movies or TV

●22% said they would give up time with their kids for an entire month 

What Does This Mean To You?

If moms are willing to give up time with their kids instead of losing their smart phones or tablets – you know just how important they are to them.  If moms are a target audience of yours, then you need to be as mobile friendly as possible.  The fact they value them for speed and convenience means your site should be clean, intuitive and easy to navigate. You should also steer clear of things that will cause long load times.  With so many moms, scanning bar codes, utilizing QR codes should be something to look into.  This will give you a chance to keep them using your resources with mobile devices vs. national online shopping platforms.  This could limit your exposure to “showrooming”.  For more information on making mobile a bigger part of your business, please contact:
Al Fiala

Source: eMarketer; Alliance Data

Mobile Moms

Time is one of the most precious commodities around – especially for moms.  Considering that most moms are working two jobs – one in the home and one outside the home, they are even more time pressed.  Mobile has been a true game changer for both businesses and consumers and has given moms a way to stay ahead of the curve.  New research is available that details how often moms use their smartphones and how important moms are to your business.

●Over one-third of moms use their smartphones for shopping on a daily basis

●16% use them weekly for shopping

●4% of moms use smartphones infrequently for shopping – less than once a month

●Just over one in four moms don’t use their mobile devices for shopping

●Only 11% of moms don’t own a mobile device 

What Does This Mean To You?

Mobile penetration among moms is extremely high – nearly 90% own a smartphone or tablet. There aren’t too many consumer groups with higher mobile adoption than that.
the other big take away is they over half of moms use their mobile devices as part of the shopping process on a weekly basis.  This is huge.  A large portion of moms consider their mobile device their first shopping option.  Think of everything that moms are the primary buyers of.  From groceries to consumer goods, holiday gifts to home services, appliances to financial matters – moms are frequently the point person for purchasing.  If your presence is not up to snuff, how much usage will these tech savvy moms give you? Probably not much.  Just having a WAP site is not enough, it needs to be to be intuitive and easy to navigate.  Consumers flock to mobile because of convenience.  If you’re entity is not easy to use, consumers, especially moms, will pass right by.   For more information on create a winning mobile strategy, please contact: Al Fiala

Source: eMarketer; Alliance Data

Graduation Spending Slightly Down

The 4.8 million high school and college graduates are getting an early lesson in the real world – things are tough all over.  According to new research, spending on graduation gifts is declining after several years of increased spending.

graduation●Total spending on graduation gifts is expected to hit $4.6 billion – that’s down 2% from last year.

●35% of adults plan on buying a graduation gift, last year 34% bought a graduate a present

●The average spent per recipient was just over $49.  On average, consumers will buy for 2 graduates

●Over 55% of purchasers plan to give cash and 43% plan to give a card. Nearly one-third of
graduates will receive a gift card, 11% will get clothes and 12% will get some kind of electronics

●Men plan on spending 20% more on graduation gifts than women.  Consumers in the North East will spend the most on graduation gifts – 18% higher than buyers as a whole.  Those in the Mid-West plan on spending the lowest amount, 11% below average 

What Does This Mean To You?

Graduation means much more than just a nice watch or a new car (I think this only happens in the movies), there is a slew of consumer activities that go along with graduation.
Graduates heading into the workforce will probably be buying new apparel.
It often means leaving the college apartment and moving into something nicer or even a new city.
For those headed to college, there is a long list of things that they need to buy.
The key is not to think of graduation as a onetime spend, it is often the start of a new consumer cycle.  These are often consumers building loyalty for the first time with new businesses.
For more information on turning consumers into customers, please contact:
Al Fiala

Source: eMarketer; National Retail Federation; Maps of the World