Moving More Mobile

There has been a large amount of empirical evidence that consumers are moving in a mobile direction.  Sales of laptops and desktops are declining while tablet and smart phone adoption continues to rise.  WAP traffic is quickly catching up to standard online traffic.  Cloud based programs such as Google Docs and Open Office advancing on standard desktop software. Recently, several reports have come out that show the devices consumers are using to access the internet; this is just another indicator of how consumers are becoming more mobile.

 12376551-ausili-per-la-mobilita-smartphone-tablet-pc-e-un-portatile-cloud-computing• During the first 2 quarters of 2012, nearly 85% of consumers used a PC to access the internet.  During the second half of 2012, it fell to 79% – an 8% drop in just 6 month

•During that same time, consumers going online via smart phone increased from 35% to 44% – a jump of almost 25%

• Tablet use in the last 6 months of 2012 also increased. From 13% to 17%, a increase of 30%

• The 3 activities that desktop consumers participated in most were:
social media, entertainment and shopping

• The three activities that mobile consumers engaged in most were:
email, social networking and entertainment

What Does This Mean To You?

If you are just concentrating your web presence on desktop users, you are missing a great deal of current customers and are at risk of being irrelevant to future ones.  Mobile websites don’t just display differently, they are consumed differently.  Your design needs to incorporate less words more images & make it easy to find and navigate. Don’t over load with animation. Don’t link to large files and resist the temptation to link to  PDFs.
If a mobile site is cluttered, odds are consumers will not spend the time to try and find what they need. If it isn’t intuitive, they will not try and navigate it.  If sites take to long to load they will move on to your competition and if you want them to try and read a large pdf, mobile users are most probably good as gone. Just because your site is device agnostic or responsively designed, it may not be mobile friendly.  For more information on creating a good mobile environment, please call
Al Fiala

Source: MediaPost

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