Socially Networked Moms

Mother’s day is almost a week away and new research is available on how moms are active on social networks.  Before we get into the data just a reminder –
AT LEAST BUY YOUR MOTHER A CARD – ACTUALLY ADDRESS IT AND MAIL IT.  You’re not a kid anymore, macaroni necklaces don’t cut it.
We were all probably pretty much terrors in our youth, so say thanks, maybe apologize for some of the dumb crap you did (unless she doesn’t know – then don’t pull off the bandaid), send flowers. Step up and be an adult.  For the guys – if you’ve got kids,  don’t forget your significant other is a mom too. OK,  enough said, now onto the research.

 • This year, it is expected that over 28 million moms will use social media – that equates to over 80% of online moms

•Next year, that number will by close to 29 million moms and 85% of the ones

• By 2017, nearly 30 million moms will be using social networks – that’s approx. 90% of all of the ones that go online

• From 2010 to now, the number of active moms on social networks has increased by an estimated 20%

• Younger moms, between 18-34, are more likely than moms in general to be social media users

• Younger moms spent 260% more time with social networks than the average adult

What Does This Mean To You?

Ok, just so we’re straight – the first thing it means is that you are going to buy your mom a card, right? The other thing it means is that social networks are a great way to build engagement with moms, But, because they spend so much time with social media, you are going to have to really create targeted information that is relevant to them if you want to gain their attention.  Moms are also great sharers of information and they value the opinion of other moms, so they can be great evangelists for your business. For more information on reaching valuable audiences,
please contact:
Al Fiala

By the way – tweeting your mom or friending her on FaceBook is not
the same as buying her a card

Source: comScore; Babycenter; eMarketer

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