Social Sites Moms Use Most

Yesterday’s post detailed how active moms have become on social media and why you should at least send your mom a card on Mother’s Day.  For today’s post, I’ll put away the soapbox and go straight to the research.

 Mom_Using_Facebook1 • 77% of moms who active on social media use YouTube – total use of YouTube among online adults is at 61% – Moms are over 20% more likely to be YouTube users

• 27% of moms are on Instragram, Just 15% of online adults are Instagram users

• One in five internet users are on Twitter compared to one in four moms

• Pinterest use hovers at 24% among moms and 15% among the total online population

• Goggle Plus use among moms is at 20% compared to 17% of all online users

• Then there’s Facebook – it’s estimated that 92% of moms on social media use Facebook

What Does This Mean To You?

While it’s still not ok to send only send a Happy Mother’s Day message through social media – it’s a very efficient way to market your business to moms. When looking at all these sites they index high for use of – they have one thing in common, ease of sharing.  Getting information from friends, family and other moms were one of the top reasons moms use social media.  This can be a huge plus in your social media marketing.  Use mom testimonials in your targeted messaging to them, reward moms for sharing offers with other moms.  Look into gamification functionality for moms to gain hierarchy statuses. For more information in creating more social traction with niche audiences, please contact:
Al Fiala

Source: comScore; Babycenter; eMarketer


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