Mcommerce Activity Climbs

Recently, we posted information on what the top mobile activities currently are and how the impact they can have on your business.  That post showed just how popular shopping was a mobile function.  Today, we’ll chronicle new information on the estimate growth of mcommerce.

smartphonedollar● Last year 11% of all ecommerce was mobile in nature, which equates to nearly $25 billion

● This year, mcommerce revenue wil jump to $38 billion or 15% of total US ecommerce

● Mcommerce is expected to grow by 38% to 18% of ecommerce spending or over $50 billion in 2014

●By 2017, mcommerce is estimated to reach over $100 billion

●Less than five years from now, one in every four ecommerce dollars will come from a mobile sale

What Does This Mean To You?

Mobile should be looked at as more than just a way to create awareness with on- the-go customers.
Consumers are expecting to be able to not just research, select and browse for merchandise on mobile devices – they also expect to shop and complete sales on smart phones and tablets.
Does your mobile site allow customers to make purchases?
When was the last time you modified your mobile tactics?
Do your competitors have mcommerce functionality?
Are you promoting the fact consumers can make purchases from your web sites?
As more consumers do more things with mobile devices – your mobile presence will gain importance.  For more information on how to generate a healthier bottom line with mobile,
please contact
Al Fiala

Source: Emarketer


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