Tablets, Smart Phones and Mcommerce

Yesterday’s post showed just how much mobile revenue was anticipated to take place over the next few years.  A new research report is out that looks into the devices that will generate these sales..

shutterstock_98997599●It’s estimated that nearly 80 million consumers will make a mobile purchase, these mobile buyers will represent just over half of all digital consumers

●52 million consumers will make purchases on a smart phone.  This represents roughly 38% of all smart phone owners and over one-third of people who have made a digital purchase

●70 million people will make a purchase on a tablet.  This equals over 60% of tablet owners and 45% of digital buyers

●By 2017, the number of digital consumers is expected to climb to nearly 140 million people or over three-quarters of people who make a digital purchase

●Over the next four years, 45% of smart phone users and 78% of tablet owners will make a mobile purchase

What Does This Mean To You?

Whether it’s a tablet or smart phone, mobile consumers are a growing group.
What are you doing to engage this group?
The first step is to promote the fact you offer a mobile
purchase option.  Using a QR code can instantly link print materials and digital screens to a mobile checkout.  You can also leverage your social presences with mobile coupons and email links.
For more information on optimizing the mobile consumer, please contact:
Al Fiala

Source: Emarketer

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