What Is Good Customer Service

Think about how much money, time and effort your business spends recruiting new customers.  Keeping customers in the pipeline and getting them to try what you have to offer is an ongoing battle.  The scary thing, once you’ve gotten them to give you a chance, a bad experience can keep them from ever coming back.  In fact, many surveys show that customer service is the main reason why a shopper does or does not return.  You could say that customer service is possibly the first step in developing a loyal consumer.  But how do you define what good customer service is? Recently a research report was unveiled that looks at what shoppers of medium sized businesses consider good and bad customer service.

 • Nearly 70% of consumers said that a factor in determining a good customer service interaction was when a problem was resolved quickly

• 65% defined a good interaction as the person who helped them was nice

• 63% said having a problem resolved in one interaction vs. being passed around to multiple people
was an example of good customer service

• Less than half said that good customer service was getting the outcome they originally desired when they called customer service was a good customer interaction

• Over 70% defined a bad customer interaction as one where they had to talk to multiple people

• Nearly 7 in 10 said that dealing unpleasant associate was bad customer service

• 65% stated that if a resolution to a problem takes too long it’s bad customer service and over half said that not resolving a problem was a bad customer interaction

What Does This Mean To You?

While you’ll never please everyone all the time – most businesses can’t afford to just disregard what customers think or give customer service lip service.
This report shows there are some simple things your business can do to create a better customer service environment.
The first is simply, be nice. Sometimes that’s easier said than done, but a smile and having associates ask how they can help is a great first step.
The next is empower your associates to make some fixes.  Think Brad Hamilton and All American Burger in Fast Times at Ridgemont High.  While the customer was a jerk and ate most of the breakfast before trying to get his money back – he was more upset with the process he had to go through to get his $275 back.
Also, offer options.  Less than half of consumers said getting their way was good customer service, but over half said that not resolving the problem was bad customer service.
While you may not be able to just give them what they want, by giving them some options you can allow them to feel like they got something and the problem gets resolved.
Customers don’t think that every experience will be problem free, but you can mitigate bad things by simply listening to what the customer has to say and treat them the way you would want to be treated.  For more information on the creating a positive customer experience,
please contact:
Al Fiala

Source: Dimensial Resources; Zen Desk; eMarketer


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