Sharing Customer Service Experiences

Customer services experiences are viral in nature.  Good or bad, consumers tell people how they were treated.  So it doesn’t just affect that one consumer, it most likely will impact whether many customers will patronize your business.  You may know how many customers stop doing business with you because of a bad interaction, but the bigger cost is the consumers who will never do business with you because of a current customer’s negative experience. 

 Customer_Service•Over 80% of consumers will tell friends and family about a bad customer service experience, just over 70% relate good experiences

• Nearly 60% will talk to coworkers about a bad customer situation, but only 40% will tell coworkers about a good one

• 45% will relate bad experiences to online friends and just 30% tell them good things

• 43% will tell the company about offending company about bad interactions and one-third will relate good experiences

• 35% will take negative experiences to a review site.  Less than one in four will write something about a positive interaction on a review

What Does This Mean To You?

So you get the idea, bad news doesn’t just travel fast.  It travels more effectively too.
That means for every bad experience, you have to work twice as hard to have someone say something good.  One of the best ways to encourage sharing of positive stories and reviews is to reward them.  In fact rewarding bad ones is not a bad idea either.  It can be a good coaching opportunity for your staff or a chance to uncover a problem that is keeping your organization for growing.  Rewarding positive customer service gives you a chance to brag about an employee and improve morale.  As we learned in yesterday’s post, the attitude of your associate has everything to do whether consumers think a customer service experience is positive or negative.  For more information on how to cultivate positive opinions through social media, please contact:
Al Fiala

Source: Dimensial Resources; Zen Desk; eMarketer


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