Mother’s Day Spending

In yesterday’s post, we looked at how much consumers planned on spending for Mother’s Day and who they were going to give gifts to.  Today’s we’ll look at where consumers plan to shop and what are the most popular gifts.

 mothers-day-gifts_1367945982• Greeting cards are the gift most people celebrating plan to buy – to be honest, a Mother’s Day card should be considered a gift, it’s a necessity.  Nearly 70% of shoppers plan to buy flowers and over 55% will be taking Mom out for a special outing.

• Electronics spending on Mom is on the rise. 14% of consumer’s clan to buy Mom consumer electronics, but spending is up by over 34% to $2.3 billion nationally

• Just under 35% of shoppers plan to buy jewelry for Mother’s Day and 42% plan to get mom a gift card

• Clothing (22%), Books (22%) and Personal Services (20%) are also popular gift choices

•Specialty stores, such as Florists, Jewelers, Electronics and Card stores will be the top shopping spots (37%), followed by Department stores (35%), Discount Stores (28%) and Specialty Clothing Stores (10%)

What Does This Mean To You?

Virtually every business has something they can merchandise to increase sales for Mother’s Day.  One of the best ways to draw attention to what you are marketing is through target marketing.  Online and mobile platforms give you the ability to direct your message to target groups and place your specific call to action in the palm of shopper’s hands.  For more information on effectively reaching likely consumers, please contact:
Al Fiala

Source: National Retail Federation


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