Why Mobile Consumer’s Don’t Complete The Sale

Last week, we posted information on why businesses need to embrace mobile technology and more importantly, mobile consumers.  Mobile devices have become go-to shopping tools for buyers.  At the start of the mobile revolution, smart phones were seen as just extensions of businesses existing online presences. Many businesses were late in adjusting their mobile tactics from a smart phones and tablets being browsing and research tools to full mcommerce devices.  Today’s consumers fully expected to be able to find and buy products with their smart phones and tablets.  But, many consumers don’t complete their sale. A new report is out that looks into why mobile shoppers abandon their carts.

 shutterstock_99408548• Nearly 70% of mobile device owners have attempted to make a mobile purchase

• Two-thirds of mobile shoppers failed to complete the sale, abandoning the transaction

• Nearly half did not finish the purchase because the process took too long

• Over four in 10 abandoned the sale because it was too difficult to enter credit card information

 • 41% said the overall process was just too difficult, so they did not finish the purchase

• One in four said they didn’t make a purchase because the sale did not go through

What Does This Mean To You?

The reason why consumers use mobile devices for so many things is because they are convenient.  When was the last time you tried to make a purchase through your own mobile site?
Have you ever watched someone else try to navigate your mcommerce solution?
It’s easy for someone who is too close to a situation to make excuses or expectations for things being too clunky or difficult to use – but consumers won’t.
If your process is not intuitive, takes too long, is not easy to navigate or causes them any grief at all, chances are they will abandon the purchase with you and move on to one of your competitors.
I might be a good idea to do a side by side comparison of your mobile site and your competitors.  But you need to be brutal, don’t make excuses and be willing to implement good functionality the competition is using.  For more information on getting better results with mobile, please contact:
Al Fiala

Source: Jumio; Harris Interactive


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