Top Global Social Sites

In yesterday’s post, we detailed research on the types of activities social networkers are involved with via access platform.  The information showed just how many users are relying on mobile devices to perform social activities that were once dominated by PCs.  There are many factors that are influencing the move towards more mobile internet and social use.  Basic economics, improved mobile connectivity and lack of infrastructure are certainly affecting emerging markets.  In developed nations, increased mobile adoption is linked to the lowered cost of smart devices and more efficient data plans. With all this global social growth, knowing who are the primary social presences are worldwide could be beneficial.

shutterstock_107575367●As expected, Facebook is the top social network globally, just over half of all internet users worldwide visit Facebook at least once a month

●In a distant second is Google+ with 26%, YouTube is third at 25% and  Twitter comes in at number four with 22% use globally

●The next most popular social networks show just how global social media has gotten.
From China – Sina Weibo and Qzone are at 21% global penetration, Tencent at 20% and Tencent Weibo is at 19%

●Also from China, Youku (12%), RenRen (10%) and Tudou (9%) have slightly less penetration than other Chinese based social entities, but are still larger than better known US networks

●Less than 10% of global Internet users log into LinkedIn (8%) or Pinterest (4%) monthly  

What Does This Mean To You?

It is often said that the internet has made the world a smaller place. Many local or regional businesses have seen a great deal of growth through ecommerce – being able t0 create loyal virtual customers coast to coast.  The expansiveness of social networks allows you to affect buying patterns of consumers on a global level.  Doing business internationally can be a challenge and I would recommend seeking the advice of an expert – but for certain businesses and products there could be a substantial ROI. For more information on monetizing your social efforts, please contact:
Al Fiala

Source: eMarketer; GlobalWebIndex


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