Mobile Ad Spending On The Rise

While consumers gravitated very quickly towards mobile adoption, many companies lagged behind in using mobile as an advertising platform.  Most companies have seen the mobile light and have fully integrated mobile into their marketing strategy or are ramping it up.  New research is out that examines how much the mobile ad spend is now and where it is going.

Mobile-Advertising-Networks●This year, nearly $10.5 billion is expected to be spent on mobile advertising in the US – an increase of 56% from 2012

●45% of this year’s spending will be messaging send to mobile devices, 41% will be spend on mobile CRM and 13% will be spent on mobile enhanced traditional advertising

●From last year to this year, mobile enhanced traditional advertising saw the biggest growth – 94%

●By 2015, total mobile advertising is projected to hit nearly $20 billion – a growth of 89% in just 2 years

●46% will be spent on mobile device ads, 39% on mobile CRM and 15% on mobile enhanced tradition messaging 

What Does This Mean To You?

More money being spent on mobile marketing means your message needs to stand out.
To be successful in the mobile space your business will need to develop targeting criteria.
Positioning specific messages to specific consumers or consumer groups will not only help you be more efficient, it will make you much more effective.
This report also shows how much money is going to be spent on customer relationships.  As social and email evolve into mobile first functions, it will be important for you to utilize mobile technology in your loyalty and reputation management plans.  This means shorter windows to fix problems and mitigate negative experiences. The data also shows that companies are implementing mobile into traditional campaigns – whether it’s through QR codes, twitter hashtags or other functionality, it only makes sense to close the loop and have all of your marketing tactics work together.  For more information on how to make mobile work for you, please contact:
Al Fiala

Source: eMarketer; MMA; GlobalInsight

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