Mobile Moms

Time is one of the most precious commodities around – especially for moms.  Considering that most moms are working two jobs – one in the home and one outside the home, they are even more time pressed.  Mobile has been a true game changer for both businesses and consumers and has given moms a way to stay ahead of the curve.  New research is available that details how often moms use their smartphones and how important moms are to your business.

●Over one-third of moms use their smartphones for shopping on a daily basis

●16% use them weekly for shopping

●4% of moms use smartphones infrequently for shopping – less than once a month

●Just over one in four moms don’t use their mobile devices for shopping

●Only 11% of moms don’t own a mobile device 

What Does This Mean To You?

Mobile penetration among moms is extremely high – nearly 90% own a smartphone or tablet. There aren’t too many consumer groups with higher mobile adoption than that.
the other big take away is they over half of moms use their mobile devices as part of the shopping process on a weekly basis.  This is huge.  A large portion of moms consider their mobile device their first shopping option.  Think of everything that moms are the primary buyers of.  From groceries to consumer goods, holiday gifts to home services, appliances to financial matters – moms are frequently the point person for purchasing.  If your presence is not up to snuff, how much usage will these tech savvy moms give you? Probably not much.  Just having a WAP site is not enough, it needs to be to be intuitive and easy to navigate.  Consumers flock to mobile because of convenience.  If you’re entity is not easy to use, consumers, especially moms, will pass right by.   For more information on create a winning mobile strategy, please contact: Al Fiala

Source: eMarketer; Alliance Data


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