Mobile Moms Value Convenience

In yesterday’s post, we chronicled information on how often mom’s use their mobile devices.  Today we’ll look at some of the things mobile moms do with their phones and just how important these devices are to them.

shutterstock_108100733● The number one reason why moms shop via mobile device is speed and convenience, 29% of moms answered that way

● Over half of moms like to receive text messages and offers from companies they are loyal to

 ●More than 40% like to receive emails from them

●44% use their browser to view products

●Nearly 60% of moms take pictures of products in store to remember them

●35% scan barcodes to compare prices

●12% of moms said they would give up running water for a month instead of losing their mobile device

● 25% said they would forgo movies or TV

●22% said they would give up time with their kids for an entire month 

What Does This Mean To You?

If moms are willing to give up time with their kids instead of losing their smart phones or tablets – you know just how important they are to them.  If moms are a target audience of yours, then you need to be as mobile friendly as possible.  The fact they value them for speed and convenience means your site should be clean, intuitive and easy to navigate. You should also steer clear of things that will cause long load times.  With so many moms, scanning bar codes, utilizing QR codes should be something to look into.  This will give you a chance to keep them using your resources with mobile devices vs. national online shopping platforms.  This could limit your exposure to “showrooming”.  For more information on making mobile a bigger part of your business, please contact:
Al Fiala

Source: eMarketer; Alliance Data


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