What Mobile Moms Are Shopping For

Last week, we posted research on how often and how much moms rely on mobile devices to get through their busy day. If Mick & Keith would have written “Mother’s Little Helper in 2013, it would most certainly been focused on smart phones vs. amphetamines.  Although, it’s becoming apparent that while mobile devices are narcotic in nature, they are extremely addicting. Today, we’ll explore the types of things moms are shopping for and researching with mobile devices.

mom-holding-smartphone-280x2801●The top item researched or purchased via mobile device among moms was clothing – either for them , the kids or other family members. 56% of moms responded that way  

● At nearly 50%, beauty products came in
at #2

 ● Just over 40% of moms shopped for household products via mobile device

●Nearly 4 in 10 shopped for does on their tablet or smartphone

●Over 30% looked for children’s items from diapers to formula to school supplies

●over 20% looked for jewelry 

What Does This Mean To You?

Moms are shopping for a variety of goods on their mobile devices. Considering that these shopping habits are item based vs. store based, your business has a chance to compete with larger companies and regional powerhouses.  The first step in making sure you are competitive is your search strategy.  The vast majority of shoppers don’t search beyond the first page of search listings – in fact most don’t go beyond the first result.  So just sitting back and hoping you come up at the top is not a wise practice.  Investing in a robust search strategy can keep your name on with bigger competition.
You may also want to investigate reduced or free shipping once a customer reaches a certain spend amount.  Also look into discounts for signing up for a loyalty program.  The key is to make it fast and convenient for the shopper.  For more information on developing a bigger mobile revenue stream, please contact:
Al Fiala

Source: eMarketer; Alliance Data


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