Not Mobile – Don’t Count On Return Traffic

While mobile might not be as universal as death and taxes, it’s certainly moving that way.
Consumers are definitely becoming mobile first. New research is showing that if your business is not mobile friendly, don’t count on return visits from mobile consumers.

shutterstock_62413021●85% of consumers are using mobile devices to compare products, prices and products before  making a purchase

● 44% of consumers will never return to a mobile site that does not have a good look or feel

●Over 50% will not return often

● Over three-quarters of smart phone owners say the say the decision to make a purchase is dependent on the look and feel of a site on their mobile device

●75% of tablet 4owners answered the same way

●69% of laptop owners said the look and feel of a web site is a determining factor in buying a product

●76% of smart phone owners and 78% of tablet owners will return to sites that have a good look and feel 

What Does This Mean To You?

How valuable is your mobile presence?
The real question may be how much business will a bad mobile experience
cost you?
If the majority of consumers are using mobile devices to compare products and over 40% will never return to a site that is not easy to use… a bad mobile site can put a dent in your company’s performance.
Mobile technology is no longer a gadget for kids or cost prohibitive for the masses.  All indications are that many consumers are not buying new desktops and laptops, but are moving to mobile computing solutions.  In fact, a new report has smart phone penetration over 50%.  The days of your mobile site being an afterthought are long gone.  For more information on optimizing your businesses mobile opportunities, please contact:
Al Fiala

Source: Mobile Commerce Daily; Kentico Software


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