Hispanic Shoppers are Mobile Purchasers

Engaging Hispanic consumers can be an important piece in solving the revenue puzzle.
Like any niche or ethnic audience, creating loyalty with Hispanic shoppers takes an investment of time and understanding.  While all consumers are moving in more of a mobile direction, the Hispanic shopper is also more likely to complete the purchase process on a mobile device.  New research is available to show just how mobile dependent Hispanic audiences are.

MK-CC865_THEGAM_DV_20130430174425• While 12% of total consumers use mobile devices to complete a purchase, 16% of Hispanic shoppers do this

• 15% of Hispanic shoppers used a QR or UPC code to aid in making a mobile purchase

• 10% also have participated in mobile or online sweepstakes

• 10% also used geo-location services such as Foursquare or Yelp

• One in four Hispanic consumers used a mobile device to find a store location

• Over one-third of Hispanic women said they would be willing to interact with a brand via SMS/Text messaging

What Does This Mean To You?

Nationally, people of Hispanic origins make up roughly 18% of the population.  In many growing areas of the country, nearly 25% of the population is of Hispanic descent.
But it is not a monolithic ethnicity.
Nationally 64% of Hispanics are of Mexican origins 9% are Puerto Rican and 3% Cuban – One in five Hispanics count their Ethnicity to somewhere else.  The cultural difference between these groups is large.  It’s important to know these differences and what the makeup is of your local Hispanic community.  Other things to know are the level of acculturation and language dominances.
Because the Hispanic audience is very fluid – look to see what ethnicities are growing.  Is your local Hispanic community moving from one that is Caribbean based to one that is more from South America?  This can have a big effect on how you should message to them.  For more information on creating loyalties with niche audiences, please contact:
Al Fiala

Source: Mobile Commerce Daily; The Integer Group


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