What Influences Hispanic Consumers?

In yesterday’s post, we looked at how Hispanic consumers are more likely to be complete purchases via mobile device – not just mobile shoppers.  Today , we’ll examine research on the things that influence decisions made by Hispanic consumers.

15892014-shopper-woman-holding-shopping-bags-shopper-girl-holding-shopping-bags-smiling-happy-and-fresh-beaut• 40% of Hispanic consumers said that family members influence what goes on their shopping list – that’s compared to 29% of total shoppers

• In fact, more than one third say that close friends and family influence their back to school purchases – that’s nearly 30% higher than the general public

• 55% said that they enjoy shopping with friends or family – that’s over 30% higher than all consumers

• 27% of consumers said an enjoyable experience was the most component to a shopping trip

• 17% said that saving time in a store was most important

What Does This Mean To You?

The opinions of others are a huge influence on what stores Hispanic consumers shop in and the products they buy. Also, we’ve had research in the past that shows how active Hispanic consumers are on social media.  This makes your social reputation extremely important.  If consumers are forming their opinions or following others opinions that might have been formed from social media – you need to ensure the information that is out there is accurate.  You also need to mitigate as much negative information as possible.  You can’t please everyone all the time – buy making an effort to fix problems shows you care for your customers.  Ignoring this information makes you look like you just don’t care.  Looking at social media also gives you the opportunity to promote positive information.
The more you can do to encourage glowing reviews and turn them into virtual testimonials the better.  For more information on  creating a winning social reputation, please contact:
Al Fiala

Source: Mobile Commerce Daily; The Integer Group


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