Leaving Home Without It?

We all know someone who very conveniently forgets to bring their wallet when they go out.  New research points to more indications that consumers maybe warming to leaving their wallet behind in favor of a smart phone.

shutterstock_92978851• Nearly 30% of consumers said they would leave their wallet and take their smart phone if they could only bring one thing when they went out

• 68% of US consumers said that they were not able to purchase something because they forgot their wallet

•Over 80% of US consumers said they wish they could leave the wallet home

• The top places consumers wish they could visit their without the wallet – the beach, the gym, concerts and sporting events

What Does This Mean To You?

While some people may forget to bring their wallet, how many people forget to grab their smart phone?  And is they do forget, how many turn right around and go get it.  Mobile devices have cemented their place in consumer’s lives. Becoming a payment option will only make them more
valuable to people because it’s another level of convenience they offer.
The jury is out on how long until mobile point of sale becomes commonplace – but mobile’s history of taking over functions of other devices is very strong.
It would be a good idea to start investigating mobile payment services. While it’s probably too early to invest in one, it’s never to early to learn as much as you can about the options that are available.
For more information on optimizing mobile opportunities, please contact:
Al Fiala

Source: Mobile Commerce Daily;  Paypal


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